Installation of Eric 6 from source (Machine running on Windows 10 Pro) :


1. Install Python 3 (python-3.6.1-amd64) – 64bit on Windows 10 pro

2. run command prompt, i.e., cmd (=> terminal on Ubuntu) -> run -> pip3 install PyQt5pip3 install QScintilla

3. Download Eric 6 (zip archive) – extract it

4. cd to your Eric folder and run python install.pyTop of Form


You can see something like this ->


Checking dependencies

Python Version: 3.6.1

Found PyQt5

Found pyuic5

Found QScintilla2

Found QtGui

Found QtNetwork

Found QtPrintSupport

Found QtSql

Found QtSvg

Found QtWidgets

Qt Version: 5.8.0

sip Version: 4.19.2

PyQt Version: 5.8.2

QScintilla Version: 2.10

All dependencies ok.


Cleaning up old installation …


Creating configuration file …


Compiling user interface files …


Compiling source files …


Installing eric6 …


Installation complete.


Press enter to continue…


Screenshot attached below (intentionally blurred -> yet the installation process/messages are  understandable)





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