MIT basically discovered a way to shock the salt out of the water through what they call shock electrodialysis

One way to separate salt from water is through distillation, which basically requires the solution to be heated so the water can evaporate, and then cooled and condensed. Although it does work, is there a more interesting way to separate salt from water?

MIT has just the right answer for that: shock electrodialysis. They basically discovered a way to shock the salt out of the water. The process is both effective, easy to do, and cheap as well.

Shock electrodialysis was developed by Martin Bazant, an engineering and math professor at MIT which he referred to as “a fundamentally new and different separation system” that could rival other separation methods used today. It makes use of a porous material called a frit which comprises of small glass particles. Electrodes are attached to the sides of the frit which makes electrical current to flow through the frit within the water.


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